Perth, the capital city of Western Australia is the fastest growing city in Australia!

Being born in Western Australia, this stat caught my eye and I thought it was a good enough reason to write this quick blog on my home town 🙂

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures released last month shows Perth population increased by 3.3% in the 12 months to June 2012. This compares to an average national growth figure of 1.6%, so nearly double the population growth of other cities in Australia.

Western Australia’s mining boom is not only attracting skilled professionals and workers from overseas, but it is also enticing residents from other Australian cities and states to move West!

Full details of these statistics can be found on the ABS website at:

For those not too interested in the numbers, here’s another little bit of information from the 1980’s when I used to work for the State’s Bank – BankWest.

This bank was originally called The Rural & Industries Bank of WA or the The R&I Bank.

With the deregulation of the banking industry in the late 1980’s management decided it was time to keep up with the times and rename and re-image the older, more traditional bank with a hip new makeover.

They chose the name – BankWest and launched the re-brand by moving their head office from an old historic building to a brand new 30+ floor tower in the CBD. The new logo placed on top of what would be known as the BankWest Tower was kept under cover and a lot of media and hype built up to the unveiling and announcing of the re-brand.

On the morning of the day all was to be revealed, clouds covered the skies and also the top of the tower, so as the sun rose and burnt away the clouds, the new logo was revealed to the city!!

As the crowds gathered out front of the tower with the media eagerly awaiting the press conference, the new theme song began to play….

Go West! by the Village people, one of the biggest gay anthems of the 80’s!

We were all very shocked and surprised by the choice of song, but loved the fact that the decision by management to update and re-fresh the banks image was capped off by the Village People!

Go west, life is peaceful there.
Go west, lots of open air.
Go west to begin life new.
Go west, this is what we’ll do.
Go west, sun in winter time.
Go west, we will do just fine.
Go west where the skies are blue .
Go west, this and more we’ll do.

And it’s still pretty amazing to realise that some 30 years down the track that song, still sums up the decision of many residents to “GO WEST”!!

Perth the No. 1 City for relocation and job prospects for Foreign relocation!

If you’re looking to relocate to Perth, I can help you find the best way to get you there, why not get in contact via the contact tab below.

Or let me know what you think about Perth and the latest stats about the resident boom! or better still, let me know what you were doing when the Village People released “Go West”

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