We are a consulting company that has been established to identify opportunities, provide a range of support services and work with our Clients in achieving their global mobility and relocation dreams.

We offer a range of management, consulting and support services for anyone dreaming of global mobility and relocating to Australia or anywhere else in this amazing world we all live in.

Established in Italy in 2009, Australia Consulenza has focused on developing a range of services to support both Italians looking to relocate to Australia and Australians interested in relocating to, reconnecting with or promoting their products, services and talents in Italy.

We have developed a reputation for providing exceptional Client support and services and our unique project management methodology and business model is now capable of providing the same support and services between various other countries enabling global mobility.


Peta L Lowry established Australia Consulenza, principally because she is an Australian who is living her dream life in Italy with her family and has experienced first hand the process of relocating to and establishing a presence in a country that is both unfamiliar and very different to Australia.

She also has over 30 years experience in Senior Management roles in Corporate Australia, which provides her with the knowledge and experience of the Australian market place to be able to identify and develop opportunities in business to support the desires of her Clients to relocate to Australia.

You can find out more about Peta and her career history by connecting with her on LinkedIn or her page.