Deciding where to live in Australia:
This is one of the first and biggest considerations you need to make when considering relocating to Australia

Australia is a big country and each capital city has a diverse range of lifestyle and business choices to offer.

At Australia Consulenza we work with you to determine which Australian city offers you the best opportunity for you to achieve your relocation goals.

Work in Australia
Australia Consulenza turns the tables on the typical job search process! We don’t search job websites or use head hunters, we work with you to research and understand your industry and identify industry experts, associations, companies and organisations in your industry to connect and network with.
We help you to design and develop your own “brand and marketing strategy” and provide guidance and support to establish your social media presence.

Small / Medium Business:
We work with SME’s to create or identify business development opportunities in Australia. Your overseas business supports your visa application and business development plans and provides you with the time you need to establish a presence in Australia.

Our services include for SME’s include:
– developing business development and diversification plans to support your visa application
– researching and identifying the most appropriate way for you to establish your business in Australia – partnership / JV / purchase an existing business / establish a new business
– connecting you with government organisations and researching grant and funding opportunities
– researching finance and funding opportunities